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The websites we build have a Content Management System (CMS). There is much written about content management systems on the web already so if you are interested in delving into the topic we recommend looking up either WordPress or Drupal. They are the most prevalent content publishing systems out there and the ones we build on top of.

Even websites that remain relatively static benefit from a content management system such as WordPress or Drupal. For example, managing the large amount of SEO information a site requires (such as meta data or sitemaps) can be cumbersome on static HTML pages. With a good CMS you can quickly install an extension to automate this type of routine tasks.

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Analysis & Reporting

Automated Reporting

Free Traffic Reporting Tailored to Your Business

Publishing content is very important. However, you need to analyse how your content is received. This requires a mixture of search engine data and website traffic data. Inside every site we build, we include the tools necessary to do just that.

First and foremost, if your objective is to get traffic, then you want to make sure no glitches prevent that from happening. Take the time to learn how search engines index your website and look for issues. Google Search Console is a great tool for this purpose and will provide you with email notifications when something goes wrong. Search Console is not a magic bullet nor will it help you rank better simply by having it.  However, knowing when your site can’t be crawled properly or when Google detects errors is much better than not knowing.


Website Analytics Are Precious

We always setup Google Analytics (GA) to start tracking the day your site is ready to launch so that every single click is measured

Analytics about your visitors will tell you what pages are popular, how long people spend on those pages, and who referred visitors to your site.

All kinds of data is anonymously collected from your visitors. You can identify the ratio of desktop to mobile users, what geographical area your visitors are from, and you can even identify behavioural patterns like the tendency to always return to the homepage using the back-button rather than clicking the next page. Understanding how to use analytics is vital.

Search engine optimisation (SEO) means many things to many people. We don’t offer a simple solution to rank higher in the search results. There are no tricks and those companies that spam your inbox every morning aren’t going to do anything for you. That’s not the kind of seo we recommend managing.

The crawl-ability of your website and the accuracy of indexing is what you need to control. Your management system should provide you with the right amount of flexibility and structure to do just that. It should provide privacy tools to prevent specific pages from being indexed (i.e., robots.txt) and tools to promote indexing of pages (i.e., sitemap.xml). It should also provide you with smart default meta tags (a form of metadata) and offer convenient solutions to fine-tune the meta when required.

How to identify good SEO

Have you ever noticed that the search results in Google sometimes contain the exact information you are looking for right at the top pulled right out of the website?  Like a recipe or the availability of a product at the store?  Google gets this information from the metadata that the website provides.

Google Search creates what are called rich snippets when the metadata for a product, recipe, or business review show up in the results. This type of rich snippet is valuable to searchers. The metadata informs the snippet. From a technical standpoint, the only concern you should have correctness. A search engine will gauge popularity, and other competitive metrics on its own and show your page when it makes sense to do so. Having great metadata to work with can be a competitive advantage.

Hosting Control Panel


Export, Move, or Backup Your Website Anytime

Plesk Control Panel

Migrate, Backup, and Manage Your Hosting

Your first year of hosting is included with any website build. After the first year, your hosting will be $145/year.

Access your web hosting control panel at any time. From time to time you might need access the source code of your website, your databases, or you might want to install something that you can’t do from within the WordPress Dashboard. It’s your website so you have full access to it to do as you please. Create scheduled backups, send a copy of your entire website to DropBox, or grant access to a third party developer. We’re also here to help.

Our hosting is fast and optimized for WordPress. The Plesk Control Panel provides back-end control to reset, update, and repair your website. If you choose to manage your own website, everything you could possibly need is only a click away.

If you would like to build your own website, we do offer one-click installs for Drupal, Magento, and WordPress with all of our web hosting packages.