Quick overview and video describing our Web Design services.

We follow a three stage website development process: Design, Content, and Review. Learn more…

List of important characteristics of the websites that we build. They are very suitable for SEO and online marketing.

Mobile Website Management tools

We can install your choice of content management systems. If you are not sure, we can walk you through how they work and that will allow you to make an informed choice.

The content management system is the back-end administrative tool that allows you to modify and update your website. You can administer several users and give them different capabilities to access private areas of your site, publish new content, or to moderate blog posts. Talk to us if you have any questions about the best content management system for your business.

Everything is tied to your email. You can use your email to access your website’s CMS, your same email to login to Google Analytics, and that email will also get you into your hosting. Every service has some form of password reset tool to help you get in when you need to.  We can also initiate password resets for you (to your registered email) when you need help. 

No. When we setup the account, we set you as the admin account. All copyright for anything is yours as soon as the site setup is complete.

If you login to your account and look at the user access list, you can add and remove others as you see fit, and this includes us.

You are always free to take your accounts with you somewhere else without any difficulty or barriers.

We know your busy. That's why you can manage everything with a Mobile App.

The websites we build have a Content Management System (CMS). There is much written about content management systems on the web already so if you are interested in delving into the topic we recommend looking up either WordPress or Drupal. They are the most prevalent content publishing systems out there and the ones we build on top of.

Even websites that remain relatively static benefit from a content management system such as WordPress or Drupal. For example, managing the large amount of SEO information a site requires (such as meta data or sitemaps) can be cumbersome on static HTML pages. With a good CMS you can quickly install an extension to automate this type of routine tasks.

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Analytics management and reporting tools

Managing your analytics means configuring custom reports, granting access to third parties, and accessing the data. When you hire a third party to run an advertising campaign for you, you’ll want them to see the analytics so they can improve their campaigns while they run. You will also want them to configure their conversion metrics and goals so that you can get a quick birds-eye-view of the campaigns effectiveness.

We always setup Google Analytics (GA) to start tracking the day your site is ready to launch so that every single click is measured. You are added as the owner and administrator so you can control who can access and use your analytics.

Analytics about your visitors will tell you what pages are popular, how long people spend on those pages, and who referred visitors to your site. All kinds of data is anonymously collected from your visitors. You can identify the ratio of desktop to mobile users, what geographical area your visitors are from, and you can even identify behavioral patterns like the tendency to always return to the homepage using the back-button rather than clicking the next page. Using  analytics is vital to the success of a website.

Domain names, hosting, and physical control over your website

Note, if you manage your own hosting, this information does not apply. Consult your hosting company for information about your control panel.

Access your web hosting control Plesk panel at any time. From time to time you might need access the source code of your website, your databases, or you might want to install something that you can’t do from within the CMS. It’s your website so you have full access to it to do as you please. The control panel includes backup and transfer settings as well as options to fine tune your web server. Check it out at https://choice.hosting.

Create scheduled backups, send a copy of your entire website to DropBox, or grant access to a third party developer. Our hosting is fast and optimized for Drupal and WordPress so developers are happy to see how fast the interface is.