Feature 1: The Best Analysis Tools


Server Logs and Google Analytics or Matomo Analytics – Configured an Ready To Use

Analysis is Behind Better Decision Making

Effective planning: when you know the current situation, you can shape the future situation. Analytics provide the situation picture.

Measuring traffic is a great start to any website, but using analytics can be a strong competitive advantage informing better decisions.

We strive to make websites into valuable marketing platforms. Many default measurements are included in analytics, and we create some additional measurements as well. We add goals and conversions which measure important events on your site giving you tailored stats to effectively monitor performance.

We provide that little push you need to actually enjoy watching your website’s traffic.

Sample Analytics:

  • traffic flow, drop-off points, and bounce rates – visibility on how people navigate your website;
  • traffic sources – where people are coming from; and,
  • goals/conversions – are you monetizing?

Every website we build (regardless of the cost) has all the tools necessary to evaluate these metrics.

Analytics provide visibility. When you see how people navigate your website, you can identify ways to improve the navigation and organization of your site.

The pages people enter your website through – the landing pages – can indicate what’s popular on your site and what pages are ranking higher in the search engines. A well structured site will have lots of different pages and navigation paths which match what your visitors interests each step of the way.

When you see people leaving your site on a specific page, that page needs to be reviewed. These drop-off points can indicate technical problems with your site (i.e. mobile unfriendliness) or maybe the indication is that visitors got everything they needed. Overall, without using analytics you are blind.

The Power of Measurement

Cross-device and channel measurement: 90% of people who purchase products online are using multiple devices for every day activities. 87% of people who made an in-store purchase saw the website of the store before entering. Tens of billions of phone calls were made by people using Google search last year. All of this information shows us the importance of cross-device measurement.

  • More traffic will come from a mobile device than a desktop or laptop computer.
  • Most people will go from their phone to a desktop to do research if required. Therefore, having a mobile first strategy is awesome, but don’t forget to provide an in-depth desktop experience as well. 40% of people who research products on a smartphone go on to purchase on a desktop.
  • Learn how to use this built-in feature at the free Google Analytics Academy

Our website packages include the setup of Google Analytics at no additional cost. Packages also include the setup of Google Search Console which allows you to check the indexing status and optimize the visibility of your website.

2: Super Fast Web Hosting (1 Year Included)


Plesk Featuring WordPress Toolkit


Speed is The Foundation of The Mobile Web

We are always pursuing techniques to reduce page load times. A website’s load time is by far the most important feature concerning the visitor experience.

Investing money into a website’s design should be secondary to investing money into the speed of your site. Visitors leave slow sites (bounce) before they finish loading.

Site speed is measured in milliseconds and depending on how many pages you expect a visitor to browse, every 100 ms you can shave off of load times will be valuable.

We have server locations in across Canada (in Edmonton, Winnipeg, and Montreal.) We are also ready to deploy on Amazon CloudFront which expands your content delivery network (CDN) to Europe, Asia, Australia, South America, and the United States.

Refer to these sources to learn more about some techniques which can improve site speed:

3: Advanced Integration


APIs and Web Service Ready

Choice builds websites that integrate very well with all the tools you need to conduct business online. These API integrations extend from e-commerce to social media.

Web services are available in a gazillion different varieties, and when implemented into your website, they can add value to your visitor experience improving your bottom line.

There are additional development costs for API integration. Get a custom quote.

Our sites can include features such as shipping calculators, credit card processing, commenting systems, and single sign on (SSO).

Recently Deployed Integrations:

  • Signifyd
  • Moneris
  • Bambora
  • QuickBooks Online