Website Features

Feature 1: Analysis Software

Choice Builds Adaptable Websites

Analysis Tools Are The Key to Understanding

Understanding your traffic will prepare you with the information you need to plan effectively. Over time you will learn that your plans must have contingencies and be flexible, but you must have one.

Implementing software such as Analytics, Piwik, web server logs, and other reporting systems is a great start, but value only lies in the understanding of how to use the information. Some of the metrics to monitor include:

  • traffic flow, drop-off points, and bounce metrics – how people navigate your website;
  • traffic source – Determine volumes that come from ads, street signs, or Facebook, for example; and,
  • goals/conversions – are the visitors valuable?

Superior foresight comes from excellent information. Some sites get hacked, others face software glitches, many face performance issues due to insufficient hosting. Many companies fail to notice these problems.

Analysis tools monitor performance and stability. They are crucial for the long-term health of your investment and online identity.

Analytics don’t just trigger reactions when trends change; they can also provide insight into opportunities.

Analytical solutions are always evolving. As technology changes, we specialise in utilising the smartest tools available and learning the best way to do things. This commitment to staying current is our job, and we take it seriously.

Your website will include everything you need. If you are willing to learn how to use it and invest a bit of time into managing it yourself, you will be successful.

However, when you aren’t sure whether you can handle the additional workload, we are available with short-term and long-term support plans to suit businesses of all sizes. Our management services identify and implement your strategies.

Analysis tools are only as good as the information that they provide. The information is only valuable if you understand how to use it. That’s why having a partner like Choice to seek out answers and identify the right questions is an invaluable component of success.

After your website has been built, or if you already have a website, contact us to get a custom consulting quote for your long-term online marketing goals.

Learn more about the analytical tools we can setup for your website by visiting these references:

Our website packages include the setup of Analytics and access to additional resources to help you get started at no additional cost.

Feature 2: Fast Hosting

Shave Off Thousands of Milliseconds!


Speed is The Foundation of The Mobile Web

The Choice development (DevOps) team maintains a rather large server network. We are always pursuing techniques to reduce page load times. A website’s load time is by far the most important feature concerning the visitor experience.

Investing money into a website might not bring you the same return on investment as investing money into the speed of your site. Site speed is measured in milliseconds and depending on how many pages you expect a visitor to browse, every 100 ms you can shave off of load times will be valuable. The most direct method to speed up a slow site is to upgrade the hosting.

Our websites are hosted on servers with network speeds of 10Gbps and serve cached content right from RAM. Serving a site from RAM is superior to SSD hosting, and although SSD hosting is fast, we are remarkably faster.

We have server locations in across Canada and can utilise Amazon CloudFront which expands our content delivery network (CDN) to Europe, Asia, Australia, South America, and the United States.

The majority of web traffic comes from mobile devices. Although the mobile networks supporting these technologies is improving quickly, wireless bandwidth is expensive and requires that web developers consider the size of their site files. Choice employs techniques to reduce file size smartly. Hi-resolution files download to visitors who benefit, and low-resolution copies transmit to those who are constrained by bandwidth.

Refer to these sources to learn more about these techniques and site speed:

Helmuth Karl Bernhard von Moltke

Deutsch: Generalfeldmarschall Helmuth Karl Bernhard von Moltke

“No battle plan, survives contact with the enemy.”   This is a paraphrased version of the original quote which was “No plan of operations extends with any certainty beyond the first contact with the main hostile force.” The quote represents the need to be flexible and to monitor your website in the face of competitors.

German military strategist Helmuth von Moltke

Feature 3: Integration

Do More Than Link to Your Facebook Page

Choice builds websites that integrate very well with all the tools you need to conduct business online. These API integrations extend from e-commerce to social media.

Web services are available in a gazillion different varieties, and when implemented into your website, they can add value to your visitor experience improving your bottom line.

Our sites can include features such as Canada Post shipping calculators, on-site Moneris credit card processing, on-page Facebook commenting systems, and one-click logins.

Mobile publishing and management is a breeze. Integration with mobile apps like Analytics, Plesk, Piwik, and WordPress makes managing your website from your mobile device a piece of cake.

Social media is dominated by Facebook and Instagram here in Canada, and they are our specialities. However, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Snap Chat can all provide unique benefits. Some of these advantages will come through your website; others will come from the platforms themselves. The right mixture depends entirely on your product or business, but when it makes sense to do so, you will have the ability with your Choice website.

There are many examples of techniques used to convert traffic from Facebook. The like button is only the tip of the iceberg. Commenting systems and activity feeds can encourage more engagement. Your website can even allow Facebook users to log in to your site using their Facebook account increasing your registered audience.

Sample Integrations:

We can integrate with any existing social media platforms you are already using. If you are interested in setting up social media for your business, look into our management services.

Call or email to learn more.