Web development process

Choice OMG builds websites in three stages
  • 10 Day Development
  • Three Specialized Professionals
  • Finished Product is Well Rounded

We’ve been building websites for nearly a decade. From our experience there are three main parts to an effective website development project: design, content, and installation.

Many of the website projects we undertake have a price tag under $2,000, but they look like they are worth 10x that value. The main contributing factor to substantially better value than you can get anywhere else is our efficient process.

By breaking a website down into three highly focused stages we have reduced errors, communication delays, and the all-to-common “templated” approach. Each professional will start from scratch with every fresh idea.

What you can expect

You can expect to have a complete website setup on the web with a full fledged content management system. People will be able to see your website and access it from any device. Google Analytics will be functioning and integrated with Google Search Console.

It may take some time for your new website to start generating organic traffic from search results, but you will have everything in place to allow this to happen on its own.  Your website will have all the SEO packed into it at launch. In most situations, people will start finding your website by searching your name in a few days, however sometimes it can take longer depending on your specific name.

You can always pay less. The question is what do you want to remove? Any part(s) of the development process that we can skip or take out will reduce your price. However, each step is carefully selected to get you the most value for your dollar.

If you provide your own writing, we can take off 1/3 of the cost.

If you have your own hosting and manage your own domain, we can reduce the cost for those items as well. Talk to us.

Your initial estimate or invoice will clearly list out ALL costs. Any/all of these items can be cancelled at any time without penalty.

Everything is included for the first year. After the first year, the annual fees will be related to your domain name registration and web hosting. Your initial estimate or invoice will clearly mark these items as annual fees.

Domain Names – .com and .ca domains are $15/year.

Web Hosting – Great web hosting packages start at $145/year.

Email Accounts – G-Suite Accounts (Google Email for Businesses)

Note: You can use your own hosting, bring your own domain, and manage your own email accounts through any provider you choose.

You definitely get more than you pay for. Our websites are superior in all ways to anything else you can get on the market. They are faster, they have better CMS software and configurations, they perform better on search, and quite frankly, they are the easiest self-contained websites to manage.

Still not sure? Let’s do a screen share.

You do.

As soon as you accept a design, content document, or accept the version of whatever it is that you are looking at, you own the copyright.

You will be provided with hosting credentials that you can use to access your account. Inside there you will be able to manage every aspect of your website.

If you prefer to have us take care updates to your site then we definitely can. The posted hourly rates will apply and we will turn the work around quickly.

As often as you like, you can login to your hosting control panel to download a complete backup of your site. We can also export your site for you once at any time (on request) at no additional cost.