Display Ads

Banner and Display Advertising

Banner advertising is a great way to expose your brand, product, or service to a new market. It gets you impressions. Banner advertising campaigns often have a much lower click-through-rate than search campaigns and they are less direct.  Banners get looked at, they don’t necessarily get clicked.

Groups of websites often participate in a display network which sorts them out based on topic and theme. You can then pay to have your banners ads run across the network for the themes you select.  For example, you can run ads for your auto body shop across all automotive sites to users located within your postal code. 

Banner ads also make great re-marketing campaigns. When a visitor comes to your and does something to get added to your remarketing list, you can target them specifically with banner ads. All lists need to have a substantial number of visitors on them before you can target the list specifically so remarketing only works on large volume campaigns with 100’s of visitors per week.