Perforated Window Vinyl

Window perforation comes in different varieties and transparency levels. 65/35 means that the vinyl is 35% open and the hole sizes can vary from 1mm to 2mm. Depending on the detail in the graphics and the colours used the correct choice will depend on the amount you want to see through the window.

Window wipers can safely go over the window perf and they will not cause damage. However excessive use over the years may cause some deterioration of the overlaminate in some cases, it is a very durable product.

Applying graphics to windows is done with a product called window perf. It’s a perforated vinyl that has many tiny holes across its surface to allow you to see through it. A properly covered window will allow you to see out through your window without being able to see inside.

Window perf is laminated with a protective coating after printing and is installed with edge sealing tape to prevent water from penetrating it.