Graphic Print Films

Choice has amazing graphic designers in-house. We use premium cast digitally printable films from Avery and 3M. Films are selected to provide superior colour pop or opaque effects.

Equipped with a Roland VersaEXPRESS at the shop and a separate digital cutter, Choice designers create ultra high-resolution prints with precision cuts. Our top-of-the line lamination machine is a thermally controlled combination of rollers which apply overlaminates flawlessly.

An in-house designer makes all the difference. Our production engineers keep an eye on the process to make sure they stay on budget with materials that are feasible for your application. Digital mockups and modelling allow the graphic designers and the engineers to fine-tune designs and plans in pre-production quickly.

Choice can present you with options. We can create digital sketches and mock-ups to allow you to make more informed wrapping decisions and keep your project on budget. We are all well aware that regardless of the size of your project whether it is a full fleet or just a single vehicle that cost matters.

Professional installation required. Irrespective of the material chosen for your wrap project there are many challenges to face. If you prefer to do it yourself, then expect challenges along the way. Leave yourself a lot of time for trouble shooting. We would love to provide you with a duplicate print so that you have a backup in case you make an error. Our installers have experience and training provided by the manufacturers for the various materials we employ. They also have access to the production engineer who oversees all installations at our locations.

IJ180Cv3 – Trailers & Box Trucks 130% Stretch,

IJ180mC, 480mC and 780mC Full Line Product Brochure – Comparing 3M

MPI 1405 Film Series – Avery (8 Years)

MPI 1104 – Avery (4 Years)

MPI 1105 – Avery (6 Years)

MPI 1105 Easy Apply  – Avery (6 Years)

MPI 1105 Easy Apply RS (6 Years)