Car Wrap Cost/Price Sheet

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Full Colour Change Wraps
Commercial Wraps & Decals

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3M 1080 Series Colour Chart
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Pricing and Costs

Custom Car Wrap and Decals

Colour Change Wraps

Full Wrap (Matte, Gloss, Satin)
$3000Pickup Truck
$3000Luxury Car
$2600Import Tuner
$2800Muscle Car
$2600Sport Coupe
Common Partial Wraps
$300-400Carbon Fiber Hood (Detached)
$200Matte Black Hood (Detached)
$250Roof Only (Matte/Gloss/Satin)
$500-750Chrome (Delete) Covering Front Bumper & Grill

Graphic Prints (Full, Partial, or Decals)

All graphic prints will vary in pricing!
$3000Full Design & Install Truck
$795Partial Design & Install
$1500Designed For Maximum Effect & Cost Savings
$65DIY Company Decal's 2' x 4'

“Just give me a ballpark price!” We hear you. So here you go.

Hopefully you can get what you need on this page. If you don’t then call us during business hours and we will help you out. We’ve done so many wraps and we’ve worked with all the materials so you’ll get a FAST quote.






† These prices are exclusive of taxes and are averages based on the class. Your individual quote may vary.

Premium Films:

Additional colours available on request.