Wrapping up an Estimate

When determining the quote for your vehicle wrap we follow a three stage estimating process. This practice ensures that you get a fair price for what you require without over billing and ensures you budget the correct amount for your new wrap.



Stage 1: Design Concept

  • The Vehicle — The size and intricacies of your vehicle plays an essential factor when planning a wrap. If there are any special features or other considerations we have to accommodate for them when preparing for the wrap. We can effectively lower the cost of the project by making use of existing features your vehicle already has, or we can approach the task from an entirely creative viewpoint and let our designers come up with something utterly unique and memorable.

  • The Promotion — What you want promoted plays a huge part in the estimating process because its where all our designing energy is spent.

  • The Sketch —  Get a rough sketch to get a visual feel for the project, along with some cost options. Unfortunately we can’t provide a complete mock-up for every quote we provide. We can however establish a dialogue and collaborate on a design.

Stage 2: Material Requirements

  • Photos — Most of the time we don’t need to see your vehicle up close & in person, but we DO need you to send us some pictures so we can see what we’re dealing with.

  • Vehicle Information — One of the best ways for us to determine material costs is by providing us with a few simple details about your vehicle. This includes after-market modifications, as well as vehicle make, model, year & trim (or VIN).

  • Sourcing a Trace — Having to physically measure your vehicle can be time consuming and inaccurate. Whenever possible we will attempt to purchase a trace of your vehicle so that we receive detailed scaled measurements.

  • Material Types — Once these steps have been completed our production engineer will look over the sketch and determine the best possible materials for the job. These vary from project to project, and are chosen based on the task they need to perform.

Stage 3: Installation Requirements

Great wraps require professional installers. One of the most common mistakes people make when hiring a team for a custom wrap is not fully investigating the installation process

Proper vinyl installation requires a little heat, lots of skill, and plenty of patience. There is no such thing as a “rush job” when it comes to wrapping a vehicle.

More time is spent on installation than the rest of the process combined! Our production engineers provide input throughout the process because they know the capabilities and limitations of the materials.