Decal Removal Service

Choice locations offer decal removal services as part of our automotive graphic assistance. Sticker removal includes full vinyl wrap elimination and replacement. Removing a quality wrap is pretty straight forward and requires little more than a heat gun and some patience, however in some instances when older materials need removal or when the sun has baked in the chemicals, stronger solvents are required.

Replacing emblems or ordering new ones is also a service that we offer and is quite common when preparing a commercial vehicle for resale or end-of-lease.

We conduct spot testing to protect your vehicle and the underlying surface. Our solvents will not harm your paint.

NOTE: Removing decals and vehicle wraps is a challenging process. In some situations where material has been improperly installed, chosen, or has been left on for many years past expiration, it may have already damaged the paint. We have the experience to identify these situations as well as the knowledge to provide the best courses of action in these circumstances. However, if it is possible, then Choice can do it.