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This Ferrari was wrapped with a 3M purple called “Wicked” as part of their Color Flip line in the 1080 series.

Vehicle Wraps, Car Decals and Automotive Graphic Designers

We operate vehicle wrap & decal shops across Canada. Choice Wraps will print, cut, and install all film types from perforated window vinyl to full carbon fibre chrome deletes. Our production engineers work alongside talented designers to plan and mockup your project. We work with seasoned vinyl consumers and new entrants alike. We provide our vehicle graphic and decal services to commercial business and fleets.

We work with seasoned vinyl consumers on their high-end cars as well as first-time vinyl customers. We design graphics and decals for commercial businesses/fleet graphics.

Coloured Wrap Films & Premium Vinyl (i.e., Carbon Fibre)

Coloured wrap films, produced by companies such as Avery or 3M, come in very distinctive and innovative flavours. Ideal for custom cutting and creative applications, this type of vinyl can provide the matte black or carbon fibre effect you seek. A suitable alternative to automotive paint, vinyl is very durable and can also be removed without leaving a trace. Learn More…

Along with all the colours of the rainbow, wraps can come in carbon fibre, gold or other metallic shades, and high-visibility reflective safety colours. Colours can be matte, gloss, or transparent. There are even colour changing materials and glow in the dark colours.

Private Jet Wrap


Graphic print films have no limitations. Today’s equipment and materials offer superior colour, resolution, and durability. Choice graphic designers will work with you to bring a shared artistic vision to life and surpass your expectations. Printable films come in a variety of materials from opaque to reflective and translucent.

Print films are paired with an overlaminate to provide UV protection and added resilience. Films can be cut to shape and combined in creative ways to achieve any objective.


Any vinyl can be digitally cut to any shape or along any design line. The flexibility afforded by custom cutting allows us to combine materials in creative ways.

A production engineer oversees every wrap project. The role of the production engineer is to reign in the graphic designer and ensure their creativity remains feasible. They verify vehicle dimensions, wrapping materials, and specifications will not create problems for the installation team. The production engineer is the most experienced installer and not a graphic designer. The separation of roles is deliberate.

Digital Proofing Models: Design Mockup

When a project begins, typically a creative brief or an idea is received by the vehicle wrap team. A designer will use pictures of the automobile to superimpose their ideas onto, and the production engineer will confirm the design is reasonable. These models are referred to as mockups and are sent to you for your review along with any changes in material requirements or changes in estimated costs. Mockups serve as digital proofs, and once you approve a mockup, production begins.

Professional installation required. Regardless of the material choice(s) you make, it requires skill and experience to install vinyl. Combining heat and solvents with the care necessary to traverse the tight curves of a vehicle takes practice.