Explore Wrap Film Finishes

This Ferrari was wrapped with a 3M purple called “Wicked” as part of their Color Flip line in the 1080 series.

Choice Wraps will print, cut, and install all film types from coloured wrapping films to perforated window vinyl.  We provide our vehicle graphic and decal services to commercial business and fleets.

Coloured Wrap Films & Premium Vinyl Films

Coloured wrap films, produced by companies such as Avery or 3M, come in very distinctive colours and innovative materials. Ideal for custom cutting and creative applications, these vinyl films can be matte black or carbon fiber. A superior alternative to automotive paint, vinyl is durable and changeable. It be removed without leaving a trace.

Any vinyl can be digitally cut to any shape or along any design line. The flexibility afforded by custom cutting allows us to combine materials in creative ways.

Private Jet Wrap


Graphic print films have no limitations. Today’s equipment and materials offer superior colour, resolution, and durability. Choice graphic designers will work with you to bring a shared artistic vision to life and surpass your expectations. Printable films vary from from opaque to reflective and even translucent.

Print films paired with carefully selected overlaminates provide UV protection and added resilience. Films can be cut to shape and combined in creative ways to achieve any objective.