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    Peter Jaffray

    Good morning,

    I was thinking of re-starting the classes at the Edmonton warehouse. I would like to invite you all to attend and get things going again. What are your thoughts on having both free and paid classes. The free classes for basic level stuff such as ‘logging in and editing content in WordPress.’ The paid classes for intermediate topics such as conversion tracking virtual phone numbers.

    In my experience, intermediate concepts need ability and willpower. Hence why I charge for the class (to ensure those who attend are suited). I’m not looking to make money so the cost will be just enough to dissuade anyone looking to hang-out.

    The classes are for my staff just as much as they are for the community. The material I teach is golden.

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    My Father and I would like to come to your classes again. They were very helpful and we always learned a lot. We don’t mind paying for your time if that means you will have more classes.

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    Peter Jaffray

    For sure. I will add your email to the class notification list.

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