At Choice OMG, analysts are superheroes.

Rapidly Adapt to Change

The power behind our successful SEO campaigns lies with the team of analysts we have evaluating traffic, trends, and industries. Let’s keep things in perspective by stating up front that there are no magic tricks or secret recipes that will get you to the top.

We evaluate what you presently have and find ways for you to maximize your visibility through well structured and user friendly content publishing.

Strategic Approach to SEO

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) refers to the process of programming your website to be accurately indexed by search engines. Think about librarians using index cards at the library to organise and retrieve books. Search engines look for index cards with meta information on them to sort web pages. When the search engines know exactly what you have on your site, they will show it to the people searching for that item. 

We conduct analysis on how Google and Bing sort their data. We use keyword forecasting to see whats popular and why. Then we give you strategic advice to help you get ahead on the trends and make a better website for your guests.

What Problem do you solve?

Think of every search as a problem. People are always searching Google, questioning Siri, or getting recommendations from Echo. If you have the solution then a well planned SEO strategy is simply a matter of ensuring these systems know about you.

Becoming the best solution

Let’s face it, we can’t all start number one. However we can always improve until we get there. A well planned SEO strategy includes tacit research on customer behavioural trends. This insight shapes better solutions. Did you know that improving customer satisfaction gets you more exposure on search?

The unseen opportunity

Do you understand what you currently have? Unless you follow your website closely, you are probably missing opportunities. A deeper look into the traffic you are currently getting may reveal huge opportunities that can be leveraged with minimal effort. We call this a no-brainier decision. A second look is always a good idea.

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