Management Service

Introducing Choice Campaign Management Services

We seek long-term profitable relationships and we know what that entails. From our experience it takes about three months to determine if we’re a good fit. For that reason we offer a no-penalty 60-day cancellation period to each and everyone we work with.

Our campaign management service is not for everyone. Our success is intimately tied to yours — meaning that we need to show you value in order for you to retain us for the long term.

Some great candidates for our services include:

  • Contractors
  • Professionals (accountants, dentists, lawyers, etc)
  • Established local businesses (automotive industry, brokers, daycares, hair and beauty industry, restaurants, and hospitality)
  • Retailers (both brick and mortar and online)

Although we will build websites for the following businesses, we are not accepting these clients for our management services:

  • Real Estate
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Web Start-ups