Hourly Rates

Highly valuable professional services for less than you think

Without a service agreement or when your requirements exceed your current package we will let you know. There will be no surprises. We keep track of all of the time that we spend on your campaign and will either recommend that you bump up your package, wait for the next work period, or provide you with the option to request additional time at our preferred hourly rate.

There are two rates available to you:

  • Preferred Client Rate
  • Standard Rate

Standard rates apply for all clients not currently on a management service agreement & for all complex tasks when you are on a package.

Preferred rates are defined in your service agreement. Our standard rate is $75.






Complex Tasks



Classroom or workshop training for you and your employees. Our computer lab, our yours. Consider adding additional participants!



When you would like to site with the artist while they work on your project.