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We attract better visitors and bring more conversions than any other digital marketing agency. Many people are already searching for your services and products. Let our professional team represent you in the competition for customers and provide you with a big win. We specialize in Ecommerce marketing for medium sized businesses. If you are an established retailer considering the move to ecommerce, then we will be a great fit.

Choice Management Rates Google Policy: Working with 3rd Party Partners   Pay per click (PPC) advertising refers to those advertisements you see when searching the web. They are the ads which appear alongside the search results. You can buy clicks on Bing, Google, and pretty much every other search engine out there. PPC advertising is lucrative because you can choose to advertise only on specific phrases. It’s relatively easy to start spending money on clicks. The challenges come when those clicks become competitive. Think about it, if you were to promote your widgets only to people who type in “where to buy widgets” then your ads are focused entirely on your target market.

The click market is competitive. Smart businesses are always coming up with better ways to bid on keywords using a mixture of automation and intuition. Understanding your budget, your ROI, and whether you are successful advertising on Search is a continuous process. If your PPC campaigns are performing well, then you are benefiting from immediate results. If your campaigns are not performing well then there are a few things you need to look at: What is the bounce rate of your paid traffic? You might be paying for clicks on keywords that bring you visitors who are not interested in what you have to offer. There may be an underlying problem with your site speed. Or if you are automating your setup there could be a flaw in the configuration.

Choice PPC management provides companies professional consultation and execution of web advertising campaigns. We create search ads, banner ads, and video ads. Our service is data-driven, and our focus is always on the cost-per-customer. Although we pay for each click, our effectiveness is measured one customer (or conversion) at a time.