Brand Style Guides

Do you want to reinforce the other senses or inspire feelings with your brand? Then researching colours and their meanings will provide the biggest bang for your buck. Colour is everything. Your primary colour palette will list the five core colours of your brand. For more in depth projects or for clients who order the style guide, we will also provide a perceptual map of intensities scaled to reflect their importance.

The Primary Palette

Typically we will seek out three or four similar tones and compliment them with a secondary tone that provides some depth. Colours can have different meanings or connotations in different cultures, so it is important that we understand your target demographic.

The Secondary Palette*

Having a plan for how to use additional colours is necessary for consistency. A vigilant pursuit of uniformity across all mediums is essential for effective branding and helps to maximize your investment. The faster you more quickly you are recognized, the better. Having additional colours which serve to accent the primary palette and add vibrancy expands the standard.

Neutral Palette

Often, the neutral palette is monochromatic and uses blacks and greys on top of an ample amount of white. It acts as a foundation and provides the shades to be for type and paragraphs, for example.

NOTE: Colours are shown differently on different screens, devices, and printers. For this reason, you can not reliably reference the colours you see on display. We will provide you with the actual colour codes in multiple formats for all your colour matching needs.

Palette Usage Guidelines*

We will provide you with clear instructions on how to use colours. We will show you how to use the secondary colours and how you can mix and match them. We have visuals that make it quite easy to understand.

Usage of Tints*

Tints are colours that are either lighter or darker shades of your colours. How you use them is important. Use tints in full-colour strength. We include the tint codes in our style guides. We also have instructions for tinting and using conventional graphics programs to get the perfect shade for all of your colours.

A Style Guide is the visual DNA of your company’s branding. It provides a written model that describes and designates examples of what your brand/logo will look like in a variety of media formats — such as the web and print. These guidelines are used by designers and in-house teams to establish consistency in regards to your brand.

Style Guides include information vital to the presentation of your brand. Guides can include:

  • Logos
  • Colour palettes
  • Typography
  • Layouts
  • Links and buttons
  • Navigation
  • Graphics and icons
  • Images and photos

Do I need it? Maybe.

A style guide helps to support a brand’s identity. It provides consistency across all communication channels improving recognition and recollection. Establish validity and set your company apart from your competitors.

Without a cohesive style guide, you run the risk of inconsistency and creating confusion amongst your consumers. When people see failed branding efforts or communications that seem out-of-focus, they infer the company is inferior.

A style guide with ensures all your communications are well planned, that the use of your logo is consistent, and it provides much-needed guidance to anyone putting together communications on behalf of your organisation.