Labels & Packaging

Your product’s packaging and labels communicate a purpose — what your brand stands for and what it means for your clients. The role of packaging in marketing has become increasingly significant. Often it’s the first impression your customers receive of your business.

Packaging is compelling. It effectively tells consumers what makes your product different. Think of iconic brands like Tiffany’s or Apple: both brands clean and minimalistic packaging is instantly recognizable — often times more so than what’s actually in the package!

Labels also serve to capture the attention of shoppers, as well as provide useful information regarding the product. In a typical grocery store shoppers pass by approximately 600 items per minute — creative and unique packaging and labels draw attention to your product, making it more likely to be selected for purchase.

Great Packages Have:

  • Physical Product Protection
  • Information
  • Marketing
  • Convenience
  • Security

Labels Matter:

  • Care & Use of your Product
  • Ingredients or Nutritional Information
  • Product Warranty or Guarantee
  • Manufacturer Information
  • Weight Statements
  • Expiration Dates
  • Warnings & more