Clothing Print & Embroidery

Custom Apparel and Branded Clothing

From fleece tops to aprons and baseball caps

We produce top quality clothing products. We employ different types of printing (or application) methods depending on the job.

Screen Printing

Screen printing is a relatively low-cost method that we use for small batches of clothing with a low colour count. One colour is applied at a time.


Embroidery is ideal for thicker clothing items like hats or rugby shirts. Sublimation is something we reserve for larger orders of synthetics like nylon jackets.

Vinyl Cutting

When you bring your clothing to have us apply your graphics for you, we like to use a cut vinyl. We use a machine to cut out designs on special sheets of colour and use a lot of heat to adhere it to the clothing. Prints are highly durable and easy to apply to more parts of the clothing. The only challenge is that (like screen printing) only one colour can be used at a time.

Direct to Garment

Direct to garment printing is when we print directly on the garment. These prints don’t add any weight to the garment, and the designs can include detailed graphics. For colours other than white, the visibility of the design diminishes.