Invoicing and Suspension Policy

Hosting accounts are invoiced 15 days prior to billing date. An email is sent out at the time of invoice generation which will serve as a notification and it will contain payment options.

Invoices are due on the billing date.


Unpaid invoices may result in suspension of your web hosting services. We will send a notification email regarding unpaid invoices before suspending a past-due account.

You will receive your first reminder which serves as a warning. The email sent will let you know where to make a payment to avoid disruption of your services. Please note: The greater of $30 or %2 may be applied as an administration fee.

Your account will be suspended when the final email notification is sent out. These policies provide our customers with ample time to settle their invoices.


If the outstanding balance is not paid within 30 days after the billing date your hosting account and/or G-suite account will be terminated for non-payment. For retrieving an account a $30 fee + the full renewal price of the package is to be paid.

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