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What is G Suite?

G Suite is a set of intelligent apps including Gmail, Docs, Drive and Calendar (to name a few) that can be used to connect the people in your company. Anywhere. Anytime.

More Productive on All Fronts

Email, Collaboration, Docs, Spreadsheets, and more… You already know Google. Let’s get Google working for you.

Avoid Hefty Licensing Fees

Why pay a few hundred bucks for Microsoft Office when you can get everything you need for much less.

Why Switch to G Suite?

  • Email Account Ownership — Immediately change individual passwords, forward emails from defunct addresses, and access email history within the administration platform.
  • File Ownership —Within G Suite all created documents, slides and sheets are owned by the company. This allows administrators to access all employee files, anywhere, anytime.
  • Document Sharing — Easily share documents with your team with just a few clicks.
  • Group Email Addresses —Easily route emails to multiple people or to a customer service system. Add as many group email addresses as you like for no additional cost.
  • More File Storage — The default storage for free Gmail accounts is 15GB. For G Suite Basic, it’s 30GB per user.
  • Additional Security — If utilized. G Suite employs an important layer of security known as 2-Step Verification. This is particularly important if you decide to use Google Drive as the cloud backup standard for company devices.
  • Company Branded User Interface — Prominently display your company’s logo within all of G Suite.
  • Reliability — The storage and server demands of having your email hosted and managed with your web host are removed. If you web host goes offline, or you decide to change web hosts, it is possible to have your email continue to work with no downtime.