Printing services

Choice OMG offers a print consulting service for the creatives we make
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During the concept and design stage of any creative project, we have in-house digital proofing tools and production equipment for small scale prototyping.

This allows us to be responsive and fast through the print design process. When a prototype becomes an approved product and requires production, we continue to see the project through to completion.

We prepare engineering files and collaborate with vendors to confirm technical requirements. You are provided with a short list of vendors and a recommendation. Once you decide on a vendor, we then work with them to ensure we meet the objective on-time.

We don’t have a large production facility. We have a few high-end printers that we use for proofing, colour matching, and prototyping. We design creative print products and then we manage their production through third parties.

This reduces your costs because large specialised vendors have substantial economies of scale in their area of expertise. In other words, you get the best company for each task and we manage everything.

We don’t actually do the printing. We find the best printing companies for your project and provide you with recommendations. You select the printing company you like based on the factors you care about most and we manage the project through to completion.

We speak the same language as vendors and we work with them to meet all of their technical needs and source file requirements.

Our management fees are affordable and when you are producing a large volume of products or when you want something unique and original, our firm is a fantastic fit.

Let's do something amazing.