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Product packaging in retail and food is an important component of the marketing strategy.  The message your packaging communicates to consumers can make or brake sales.

Understanding your target consumer is crucial when designing the package. For example, you should consider how your product appears on the shelf, how it will be received in the mail, and how consumers will feel when opening it.

Production costs, the utility of the package (i.e. does the protect need protection), and labeling requirements all play a role. We have the resources to handle national brands and we also have the efficiency to handle smaller projects.  We use Adobe Creative Suite to create production ready files and accurate product mockups which provide a more visual digital proof.

In a typical grocery store shoppers pass by approximately 600 items per minute — creative and unique packaging draws attention to your product, making it more likely to be selected for purchase.

If you don’t have a creative brief, you should create one.  Consider hiring us to consult and put one together for you.

Graphic designers can provide input into the design, but before you get to the actual design part of the project: research needs to be done, product decisions need to be made, and the designer will need to know colours, look, feeling, and scope of the design.

For a small business owner, it’s completely fine to create your own basic design synopsis and call that your creative brief. The Wikipedia definition of creative brief is a good place to go to get ideas.

If your needs are simple, and if you only need the design then we can give you great service and a reasonable fee structure.

Identify if you have a large project and whether or not you are require products across multi-media (web, TV, print ads, etc.).

We will work with you to get a copy of your creative brief or to create a new one. We’ll take a look at your requirements and determine which parts of the creative process you are looking to fill.

Our proposal will be competitive and through based on 10 years in the business.

Consumer products have legislated labeling requirements and some of the things your package will need include:

Mandatory labels and product information  provide useful information to the consumer.

  • Care & Use of your Product
  • Ingredients or Nutritional
  • Information
  • Product Warranty or Guarantee
  • Manufacturer/Country of Origin Information
  • Weight Statements
  • Expiration Dates
  • Warnings & more

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