Creative Graphic Design Fuels Brand Power

The Complete Graphic Design Process

  • Market Research and Analysis
  • Strategy (Creative Brief)
  • Concept Focus Testing
  • Distribution

We specialize in the third and fourth bullet points: Designing the creative and distributing the message.

Creative Concepts

Brief us on your product or service so we know what we’re working with. Together we need to fine-tune your value proposition which is a concise description of what exactly you have to offer. Then we need to determine what the message can be and how to communicate it. We will provide you with options. Normally you’ll want to have at least three. How much you’re willing to invest in your options is up to you —it all depends on the scope of your campaign and what equity your brand already holds.

Focus Testing the Creative

It may be as simple as asking others for their opinion or as complex as hosting formal focus groups. It’s important to look at your media plan and consider the cost and size of the campaign to determine how many resources are worth investing focus testing your creative options. If this is your first time or if you prefer to outsource this task, we are more than willing to conduct focus testing for you and are excellent at getting results at very favorable rates.

Distributing the Creative

We specialize in Google Advertising and web-based media channels. We integrate well with other teams including specialists in the print and radio mediums. If you’d like us to manage your campaign we would love to take on the project. You can benefit from our established relationships. However, we are also more than willing to observe a subordinate role if that’s your preference. We’re capable of producing signage, vehicle wraps, and clothing in-house. For large projects we have experience collaborating with Pattison Outdoor, Bell Media, Rogers, and we are always eager to work with more.