It Will Be Fantastic

Technology and media evolve. What remains consistent? Passed on over a generation ago, one fundamental marketing principle still applies today. “Creative” is everything. David Ogilvy said “If it doesn’t sell, it isn’t creative.” Micheal Porter’s value chain is pretty clear about being valuable or being eliminated. A favorite around here is George Orwell, “Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.”

We’re coming up on a time where location based television ads will show on live streaming events. Imagine watching a live stream of the superbowl and seeing an ad for your edmonton restaurant, or any other local business. Distribution and media plans are always changing, and if you’re smart you’ll keep up. But if you’re good you will never lose perspective, “Creative is everything!”

A creative would look for value. The super bowl ad on a stream wouldn’t engage as well as chatting with the rest of the super bowl audience streaming in your area. Now, that’s creative.

You don’t just need a website. You need a good website!

“Content evolves and media channels merge. Radio, television, and even live events will be streamed. The extent that it occurs today will be dwarfed by the near future.” – CHOICE Founder, 2010.

Connecting to People at Scale

Every marketing strategy includes the word engagement in one of its many forms. Engaging people is at the heart of all advertising. The concept is pretty strait forward and successful engagement can be very rewarding for all involved. Our dream is to facilitate a platform where we perfectly match individuals and organizations so that they can engage each-other in a desirable and meaningful way.

People are social creatures. That has contributed towards the success of social media platforms however we believe there is something quite significantly deficient with the current advertising techniques used to market on social media. We are actively researching and testing better ways to match products and services (through advertising) on social media.

Shorter-Term Objectives

CHOICE is a small web development firm in a smaller Canadian city in the prairies. We want to grow. Our long term vision is to master web communication technologies to efficiently and effectively distribute influence and effect on a global scale. In order for us to get there we must find a way to do things differently.  We spend a fair amount of time and resources on R&D. We are presently competing with companies like Yellow Pages, Reach Local, and Rogers Outrank. We are going to need more than satisfied customers to get there. We are going to need a collection of powerful client success stories.

For the short term we are going to focus on turning our clients into huge successes. For the long term we are going to hold on tightly to our values and become Canada’s advertising agency and then the grow internationally.