How We Do Business

There are privacy concerns on the web furthering internet regulation and control. However, the internet remains a transnational border-less environment with a lot of unregulated business activity. SEO, spammy behaviour, and scam artists thrive online. Dishonest companies sell products and services that don’t work, thieves and hackers are empowered through anonymity, and all kinds of tools and data collection methods are in place to help advertisers find ways to influence you. Where is the line?

Online marketing is sold as a turn-key easy solution to increase revenue. However, when it comes down to dollar for dollar results, small business owners are tricked into signing unfavourable contracts with companies like Reach Local, Yellow Pages, or Rogers OutRank. The concepts behind what they sell are real, however after you add on all the layers of administration and sales that go into their service, your not really going to be in a competitive position in the online marketing environment.

Fair Contracts

Plagued with false promises and unethical sales teams, small business owners find themselves shying away from anything related to Online Marketing. We are attacking these competitors head-on by being strong where they are weak.

Advertisers traditionally required clients to commit upfront due to large capital costs required to product media. For example, an advertiser in a phone book would need to promise to pay for the full year before their ad could be printed in the annual publication. The printers could then be purchased.  It was capital intensive.  However, in the online world, there are essentially no capital costs for printers, no media costs outside of the immediate click, and campaigns can be started and stopped in a moment at essentially no expense.

We will not charge our clients when we don’t need to. Online marketing campaigns either go well or they don’t. They are instant. Yes, there are some cases where a data collection period is needed to facilitate automation tools, but this period is often only a week. We are able to build campaigns that deliver results almost instantly.  There are cases where you can’t beat the competition or other factors prevent you from success with online marketing and in these situations we don’t trap you.  One of our three core values is client success. If your business is not successful then we are not successful.

Fair Pricing

We bet on the long game.  All of our pricing is geared towards two things. First we want to deliver more value for your dollar than any of our competitors can. Second we want to help you focus your resources on the things which provide you the greatest benefit. We want to maximize your ROI selecting only what you need. We are in the business of growth, not quarterly revenue.

Real People

An organization is made up of real people. We understand that. We will always approach problems in the spirit of resolution. This carries over in the way we talk, behave, and in the fact that we empower all of our people with the ability to make decisions out of fairness.