WordPress courses and web training programs including: analytics, conversion, and network security.

Empower yourself with an indepth understanding of how the web works and how to use it effectively to market your business. We have three sessions a week at the rate posted on this page. If you have any questions or would like to come to the next session: create an account or login.

Advanced Participants? We’ve got a server rack extended by a VPN to an AWS VPC. There is about 200GB of RAM and 64+ Cores availible in the rack and a lot more on the VPC. You can upload your own VM or use one of our images. You will need to BYOSL (bring your own software licences) if you need proprietary apps. Everything we use and provide is opensource.

Course Discussion in the forums

4 x Powerful Desktops

2 x Laptop Docks (Bring your own laptop)

8 x Maximum Partiticipants

1 x Media Scrubber

∞ x Development Cloud

∞ x Development Servers


Web Wednesdays

Become a web manager

  • Week 1: Managing WordPress
  • Week 2: Social Media Basics
  • Week 3: Workshop (Bring Your Own Project)
  • Week 4: Analytics
  • Week 5: Analytics

Bring your WordPress and Google Analytics logins and we will answer your questions as you work.

When x5 Mondays in a Month (ie May)


Thor Thursdays


  • Week 1: Virtual Servers
  • Week 2: Network Security
  • Week 3: Penetration Testing
  • Week 4: Encryption
  • Week 5: Workshop

Workshops are driven by you and supported by us. Come and open up your project with an expert here to help you crack it.

These topics will be tailored for the majority.